Friday, January 3, 2014

Project Update: Gritty McDuff's by Bar Mills

Although it is 2014 already I am stepping back into 2013. I finished McDuff's on Christmas Eve but because of Christmas, trip to the mountains, and the New Year I didn't have a chance to take final pictures and do writeup.
I finished first three buildings without any issues. The red one apparently had problem with second floor doors originally. They were the size of first floor i.e. too small My kit came with correct replacement in separate bag so I didn't have to contact Bar Mills and get problem resolved. The last building had the same laser calibration issue just like Raglan Road. I didn't notice the fact until I started gluing wall parts together. Good thing I figured that before glue had chance to set. I took everything apart and adjusted the walls to make all angles square. The process involved cutting and sanding so no surprise I ended up having a gap between two of the walls. I filled the gap with a piece of 1/16 stripwood. It is noticeable but that side will go against the wall of the main building so it won't be visible. Had I been building for myself I wouldn't have used any filler at all. Since it isn't my kit I needed to make it presentable.
On another note I didn't finish the Gas Station. That makes number of finished kits in 2013 equal to the total of 2012. 2014 I am sure will be different since I am going through some period of uncertainty. Therefore, I am not sure if I'll get done more or less.

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