Friday, January 17, 2014

Project Update: Ideal Hosiery by FOS Scale Models

Doug Foscale has announced few days ago that he is releasing new kit which can be used as companion to Ideal Hosiery. Had he released a little bit earlier I could have incorporated them both into one diorama. On another note I better keep things simpler. This way I get projects finished. Canal and Third is good example. It is complex and big and is sitting on the shelf and waiting for its turn which may never come.
Anyway, I was about to declare the IH kit finished but then while taking pictures I noticed that I forgot to weather the chimney. Beside dusting chimney with soot I need to add more roof details. I will do that later after I determine what castings and figures I will use on diorama. Then I will paint them all at once.
Couple of days ago I started making diorama base. Like in most cases I glued 1/16" thick strips of  basswood to allow some room for sculptamold and lightweight spackle. Actually I applied both yesterday since they both are separated by sidewalks. Most of the time they come into contact so I apply sculptamold first and then spackle once sculptamold has dried. In case if anyone is curious sculptamold is for land and spackle for road. The latter sands very well allowing to get very smooth surface. Also The potholes can be created by picking pieces with  a tip of X-Acto blade. Sculptamold is bumpy and isn't easily sandable.

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