Sunday, January 19, 2014

Project Update: The Magic Shop by FOS Scale Models

All right here comes yet another project. The reason I started it was because I had nothing to work on during my lunch breaks. Everything I had at the time required home workbench setup. Actually story goes few months back. I prepared parts for it few months ago during my extra modeling time I found sometime in August of 2013. I didn't get the kit when it originally came out. Several attempts to buy it on eBay didn't work out until sometime in the fall of 2013. When I received I realized that it had heavy smoke smell. I couldn't take it home and put on the shelf in my modeling room. The smell would have been unbearable. Good thing parts didn't have a chance to absorb all the smoke. In addition the kit had been started. Not much progress had been made only windows and doors had been cut off of sprue and storefront parts had been removed from their sheets. A little later I realized that some windows had been misplaced and some replaced with ones of wrong size. That led to purchase of wrong windows. I should have checked openings in the walls instead relying on the windows I found in the box. Anyway after preparing parts I put them on the shelf until I can dedicate more time. The opportunity opened up couple of weeks or so ago.
It took me some time to figure out painting scheme. Then I remembered FSM Skinner's row. One of the buildings there is painted in three colors. Most of the time I try to avoid more than two but this structure was calling for something special. Skinner's instructions call for Floquil paints. I only had one color and with Floquil basically gone I had to find substitutes. I also didn't want to mix Floquil and acrylics. I have quite extensive collection of craft paints so the task wasn't extremely difficult. I had to guess green though. I had nothing to compare against. I think I did well. After painting all walls and windows I see that all colors working together. I will have to put this project on back burner soon though. I received a kit to build yesterday so it will take priority. It is quite large kit so it may be awhile before I'll have any update on this project.

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