Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Project Update: Ideal Hosiery by FOS Scale Models

With an exception of Jeffrey Spike Models which took my money and never delivered product all kit manufacturers tend to keep their word. Yet some of them take an extra step and give me free stuff just because they feel like doing so. So far I have received 4 kits. To be exact 3 kits and laser cutting service plus materials for my own design what pretty much counts as a kit. I thought I would return the favor by building them. Well, at least three since fourth is of the larger ones and I don't have appetite for such big meal at the moment.
The first one up is Ideal Hosiery from FOS Scale Models. It is a little structure with very interesting lines. I have few ideas for it. I will modify roof top and FSMize diorama a little. I am not ready to reveal what and how yet. Hopefully, it won't take long as you can see in the pictures the structure is very near completion.


  1. Awesome work Vilius! I certainly wish FOS would make stuff in N-scale as well, their buildings have so much character and you modeling does them justice!!

  2. Thank you, James. I think Doug has done one kit in N scale in the past. I guess it wasn't big seller since it isn't around anymore.