Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Singer Watch Repair by BTS

I finished BTS Singer Watch Repair kit nearly a year ago. I almost forgot about it. In fact, I did. I was looking for the pictures of another unreported build while I came across this one. I don't have much to say about it. I draw blank when I try to remember something about it.



Friday, August 21, 2020

Oakwood Station by FOS

Another build from few months ago and yet another almost straight from the box. The kit was the "ballast" to get to $50 in order to qualify for a free FOS kit. FOS does not have any kits left in that price range that I don't already own. I could go with high priced ones. There are few that I don't have. However, I am less inclined to spend a lot of money these days. Therefore, I get a kit under $50 and then fill with the "ballast" to get to the required amount.
I replaced the station tarpaper roofing with the Bar Mills asphalt shingles. I think the station looks much better that way.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

K Tower by FOS Scale Models

Yet another kit from the FOS Monthly Club series. This was straight from the box build. While I see majority of the other kits as part of some diorama the tower though is not one of them. I mean I could surround it with a bunch of track, but since the end goal is to sell it, the track would make it less desirable. I doubt anyone is buying my builds for the display. I think the intention is to have them on a layout. At least it was my reasoning behind it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sincere Towing by FOS Scale Models

Sincere Towing is one of the FOS Monthly Club kits. It is done as the structure. However, I am planning a larger diorama populated with the smaller FOS kits. For now, I call the diorama The Mechanicsville. I am not sure if the name will stick. Time will tell.
I have made few changes when building it. First, I moved the add-on from right to left. Then, I changed the signs to Boyd's Towing. And finally, I replaced the tarpaper roofing with the metal plates.
At the moment it is sitting on the shelf waiting for the companion structures. I would have possibly built them by know if not for the working from home situation. Before I had my lunch break and evening projects because it was more convenient to have them different due to different locations. Now the projects are right here all the time. 



Saturday, August 15, 2020

Building Dead Horse Bay by FOS Scale Models again Pt. 2

I am continuing working on the remaining structures. Since they are mine to keep or do whatever I please I intend to do something different. After all I have built all of them once already.
First up is the two story shack. I've found that it goes well with Shaw's Custom Lures from FOS monthly kit club series. In addition, I have replaced second story board and batten siding with the shingles and the tarpaper roofing with the corrugated metal.
The next step is to redesign the dock and any part of the project that involves using a computer usually introduces a delay. After spending all day on a computer working I have very little interest in more of the screen time. Eventually though, it will get done!


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Building Bailey's Produce by FSM Pt.1

This post is more of the flashback. I have made a significant progress since I took the pictures. At this point I am really close to be done, but instead of waiting until the very I've decided to share slightly older photos.

Bailey's Produce is one of the smaller of more recent George Sellios' kits. Despite being small it packs a lot of character. It has many different textures i.e. stucco, corrugated metal, shingles, clapboard siding. As for the size, I find it to be perfect. It is something I can complete in about two months. Just right for my level of patience.




Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Building Dead Horse Bay by FOS Scale Models again Pt. 1

The word "building" is probably not very accurate in the context of this post. A part of this kit has been built, delivered and "planted". However, I have few structures that the owner wasn't interested in. I will be posting the progress under the same title so the word "building" seems appropriate.
I delivered the project some time in June. I was amazed at the speed the owner "planted" the structures. FedEx dropped off the package around 3:30pm and around 6:30pm I had the pictures. I am adding them to this post. If you wish to see more of the layout please go to Backwoods NE in Florida