Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Update: Texaco Gas Station by Micro-scale Models

Do you remember this guy? It is been awhile since I have posted anything on it and I don't remember what was it all about. Therefore I apologize if I will repeat myself.
The main reason I put this project on back burner was that I needed to use posts for canopy from detail kit instead of tubing that came with original kit. The posts turned out to be too short. At first I toyed with an idea of raising the pump base up. That would have made it unrealistically high. I could have extended posts with stripwood but that would have required some tapering, sanding, repainting. I just didn't want to do that much work. Therefore I have decided to use round styrene for the extension. I was able to paint and weather extension pieces separately and then I glued them on top of the posts.
The plaster base needed some modification as well. Since I needed to use the pump base from detail kit the one that was molded in had to go. I had to put a little more work into it than I expected though. The plaster used for the base appeared to be a little more tougher than Downtown Deco or hydrocal kits are made of.
With these tasks completed it seems all I have left is straight run to the finish line.

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