Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Update: Gritty McDuff's by Bar Mills

Phew! Work on installing rafter ends is done. The Main Building has quite a number of them. Some of them like upper back ones were hard to install. The roof is steep and there is very little room. I broke couple of rafter ends at first trying to squeeze them in. I couldn't figure out why the front ones went much easier. Then I realized that their ends were cut at an angle. The rafter ends for the back were rectangular. I cut the ends that go into opening in the building at an angle and work went much smoother from that point. With this out of the way I don't have much left to do before I need to install the signs and roof vents which aren't ready yet. The Lumber Store is near completion as well. I may dive into detail painting next week and disappear from the radar for awhile or start the third building in the kit the Wood Shop what is far more exiting that details. Time will tell if I have enough will and self discipline in me or I will succumb to temptation. If I were to bet I would put my money on latter...

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