Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Update: K.W.Murphy Engineering Works aka Flour Mill by Laser Art

While I intend to build most of the kits I own into diorama there are few that I have no interest in investing too much time in. Possibly I could auction them off but I have paid too much and most likely I would not break even if I did so. Therefore, I am going to build and then auction them off in a hope that I will recover my investment. Someone may argue that I would invest even more if I built a kit but monetary value of my time isn't important if I am having fun.
I am starting with my first red headed stepchild. It is Flour Mill by Laser Art. I acquired it before I built my first kit of theirs, before I knew of challenges awaiting, before the list of kits I would like to build shrunk eliminating not only certain kits but eliminating certain manufacturers as well. One of them is Laser Art. I can't say anything bad about them. I just don't find them appealing any longer. There is a number of way more interesting kits. Therefore, it is my last kit by Laser Art unless someone asks me to build one or I need some building for my layout which I don't have and don't plan on building one in the nearest future.
Some of the kits are complete package. They are so well designed that it is hard to change or add anything without ruining them. Even painting in colors other than of pilot model is quite a challenge. Others just ask to be modified. I find this kit to be one of them. Perhaps because of its simplicity. I am not going to change shape of the structure but I will change some of the materials used, add more details, change purpose. Speaking of which it will become K.W.Murphy Engineering Works named after my boss who retired about a month ago. He has been my boss for past 15 years and this is my little tribute.
To start with I have cut off all tabs where corner post go. I hate those plywood strips that are supposed to cover tab joints. They are always too narrow. Plus they have unsightly laser burnt edge which needs to be painted what is always pain in the area of body we don't speak off. The tabs have been replaced with 5/64" basswood. So far none of other modifications have been done yet but they are coming.

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