Thursday, October 10, 2013

Project Update: Gritty McDuff's by Bar Mills

McDuff's is moving full steam ahead. Those few extra hours are paying dividends. Almost all castings have been cleaned up. Remaining need some 10-15 minutes of Dremel time. All but one building walls have been painted and nail holes put in.
The main building is almost ready to be glued together. All it needs are shades and curtains. I think I have found more efficient way to glue window "glass" in. I use Future acrylic gloss medium. It not only acts as gluing agent but makes acetate reflect light like real glass. I used to throw pieces of acetate into rubbing alcohol to wash finger prints and whatever is on them. Then I would dry them off with lens cleaning tissue. Although the tissue is supposed to be lint free but after cleaning few pieces of acetate it starts shedding. Dust particles get attracted by static and they stay on "glass" even after dunking them in Future creating unsightly spots after it dries. I think I have got a solution. Instead of drying off alcohol I touch edge of acetate to paper towel to drain excess and then I dunk acetate in Future. No static, no dust specks. Plus it eliminates one step and therefore it is faster.

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