Monday, October 14, 2013

Project Update: Houligan's Alley by FSM

Based on my plans this project should have been done long time ago. It is something about those last steps. They are so hard to make. I have been spending time on McDuff's or Murphy's projects just to push further building of three Jordan vehicles. Recently I acquired few of Athearn of the same era and Jordans don't really need to be built but I would hate myself for cutting corners. Therefore, I am procrastinating most of the time. However, this little voice inside sometime gets me so I do this and that. I have made a tree using some China made cheap tree armature, fish tank filter material, and scenic foam. I have installed power poles, stree lights, have glued down some pigeons, cardboard boxes, tufts and other scenic material. I also finished painting my diorama crew last night. Not all little people will make it though. I paint more than I actually need. To finish it up I still need to add more scenic material, finally install power lines, build Jordan vehicles which I have already started. I am hoping the next update will be the final.

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