Friday, October 18, 2013

Project Update: Gritty McDuff's by Bar Mills

I have been assembling the Main Building for the past several days. It is coming together more less all right. So far I have encountered couple of issues. Bottom floor wall that faces inside was about 1/16" too long. Also markings for upper rear shed on roof card are incorrect. I covered the card with roofing material before building the shed itself and now have about 1/16" gap between shed and roofing. I'll have to get creative here and come up with some solution.
I have been working a little on the Lumber Store as well. I intended to paint its walls with Floquil Rust but when picked up the bottle I found out that the paint inside had dried up. That couldn't  have happened at worse time. Testors is not producing Floquil anymore and my local train store has sold out all Rust. Luckily I am not picky about what paint I use, its shade, or tone. For me if it says Floquil Rust it doesn't mean it is carved in stone. I checked my collection of craft paints and found that Raw Sienna was really close match. Actually I was quite glad I didn't have to use solvent based paint.

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