Monday, November 18, 2013

Project Update: Houligan's Alley by FSM

I work on models in two week cycles. I work for three nights in a row, then I have two off followed by three nights of modeling and then I have a break for six days. There is nothing worse than something going wrong right before that long break. It happened to me about 10 days ago. I was installing power lines using nylon thread but things didn't go well. Nylon isn't easy to shape, everything got tangled up. I ripped all power lines off and decided have my diorama without them. George Sellios himself mentions in the instructions that he doesn't install power lines. Why would I do it? It was too hard to accept the defeat though. That kept me bugging during long break and after it was over I went in with the new plan. This time I used regular thread from the kit and I succeeded.
With this behind and Jordan vehicles built the rest was a piece of cake. I can proudly say now that I have completed my first FSM kit.
What is waiting for me in post Houligan's Alley era? I would really like to finish few older projects that are laying around in various stages of completion and collecting dust. I have few kits that I have prepared for painting and assembling during few extra hours of modeling I came up with this fall. I may throw these new kits into a mix. Perhaps I may do another FSM kit. Although Skinner's Row is my all time favorite I don't think I want to do anything of that caliber at the moment.

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