Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hurst Boiler and Welding by Bar Mills Pt. 3

The Hurst Welding is my 40th kit that I have finished since I picked up the hobby. 40 isn't exact number though. I have included two kits in it that I have built but still planning on making dioramas. Yet I haven't included a kit which I have built all structures of, but have started, but haven't finished diorama. I hope to straighten this out by the number 50.
While this copy is going to its rightful owner I have my own copy of it. Unlike few other kits I built for the others and also owned, I still see myself building the Hurst again, although it may take quite few years before I get to it. I am not sure, if I have mentioned it, but I see it as waterfront structure on some wharf. Perhaps, combined with few other buildings as well...