Friday, October 17, 2014

Building Clothespin and Broom Handle Factory by Micro-scale Models Pt.2

Last night I received an email from Bar Mills what initially I thought was their Christmas kit announcement. Instead it contained a link to their promo video. The video is nicely done and features some kind of Muppet. I can't really tell who it is since I haven't seen the show, but fans of it perhaps could recognize him. The video didn't reveal more info than I already knew though. The kit includes 7 buildings and only 100 kits will be made. In case you don't receive the newsletters form Bar Mills, the link is
On the other note, my overconfidence in my experience in building Micro-scale kits has bit me. I was so sure that the plaster base was going to have 1/16" raise for the inside of the building that I didn't unpack the castings. I braced the walls leaving 1/16" at the bottom. Two days ago I finally unpacked the castings and found that raise goes all the way to the bottom of the freight doors, i.e. is about 1/2" high. Therefore, last night I had a lot of "fun" trimming the bracing and cut my finger in the process. What has made it a little easier is that the Clothespin factory is large and for the most part access to the inside is good. Anyway, I have completed this unpleasant task and I am ready to move on to more interesting things. I may not get to them until next week though. I have pretty busy weekend ahead of me. Cirque du Soleil tonight. Craft beer festival tomorrow and Halloween theme play on Sunday.

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