Monday, October 20, 2014

Building the Small Station by Motrak Models Pt.1

The station is so small that I didn't plan on posting any progress pictures. It turned out, I had to do some extra work that introduced a delay and then I had camera out, so I took few shots. The issue with the kit is that corner posts are laser cut. I don't know what diameter laser beam is, but isn't zero. If it is set to cut two lines that are 1/16" apart, the final result will be narrower. The drawing has to account for laser path to get narrow or small parts right. Perhaps this, or the fact that cut line wasn't continuous, but more like laser shot, then step, and then shot again, what produced wave like cut line, which I smoothed by sanding, but I ended up with the corner posts that don't cover the edges of the clapboard walls. I decided to fill the gaps with scale 2 by 4 and I had to go through my standard wood preparation and painting procedure that takes about three days. Add few days before I even got to it, and here is the delay. And I thought it was going to be very quick project...
I have to mention this as well. Every three months I receive my eBay Bucks, which have very short  expiration. It also always happen that there is nothing to bid on at the time, or I don't win anything. Therefore, I am always forced to buy something I don't want, need or perhaps can live without just not to loose my eBucks. Here is what I figured this time. I can buy eBay gift card with them. I wasn't sure if I was going to be allowed, but I was. Don't let your eBucks to expire!!!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on eBay Bucks. I had no idea about the gift card option.