Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's in the box: Rankin's Steakhouse by FOS Scale Models

Our office was closed one day last week during Snowmageddon so I had some unexpected free time. I worked on my projects and then I was taking pictures of them when I remembered my WITB project and how I had pretty much abandoned it. So I grabbed few boxes off of the shelf and took some shots of their content. I have more kits I could do WITB on but they all are behind other kits on the shelf and they are so nicely stacked. This is downside of being organized. One of the days I will pull them out and photograph but for now I have 7 kits that were easy to access.
First up is Rankin's Steakhouse by FOS Scale Models. It is hard to believe it has been entire year since its release.

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