Thursday, June 7, 2018

Building Dewitt's Depository by Camppbell Pt.1

This is yet another of hard to re-sell due to its condition kits that I own. It was complete but the walls were stained with A&I. That might be the reason that they are darker than I intended them to be. I was shooting for my Wanda's look.
I had a little setback. The manufacturer miscalculated how many pieces of 1/32 x 3/32 and 1/32 x 1/16 stripwood were needed. The total quantity was right but quantities of each size were swapped. I came up short of 1/32 x 3/32. Luckily, I recently bought the materials for another severely messed up Campbell  kit and my order included the size of the stripwood I needed. Everything is good now and I am moving forward with this build.

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