Monday, April 28, 2014

Project Update: Finescale Miniatures JS-13 Elijah Roth & Sons

The biggest news of the past week is that Model Power is closing the shop. Apparently the business model they have been relying on for about 50 years is no longer working. Really sad news. They have been my source of inexpensive HO scale vehicles and unpainted figures. They also made very nice detailed flex track. I don't know if it was good and reliable but looked very good on dioramas. Only hope I have that someone picks up their molds and restarts production at least of some of the Model Power products.
Last night I watched a movie called "Get Low". The movie setting is in 30s. I was interested not only in its plot but also in the period it depicts. I am sure set designers use some amount artistic license but I didn't see a single vehicle painted in other color than black. That matches my impression of the era but then some manufacturers like Athearn sell or used to sell HO scale vehicles painted in a range of colors. Is it historically accurate or just marketing trick? I am sure some people must buy one of each color, others don't want all of their vehicles to be black so there is greater chance to sell more by offering variety of colors. I am split between historical accuracy and what makes diorama look better. I want to find out the truth though.
E.Roth diorama isn't moving forward at a pace I would like it to. Every task I do takes more time than I think it should. Last night I expected to done be done "planting" within 30 minutes. Instead, it took me nearly 2 hours and it isn't done yet. I still have to apply one type of scenic material which I have skipped this time around since sidewalks haven't been weathered yet. I am not that much in the rush but on the other hand anything that doesn't get finished before summer has lower chance of being done during it...

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