Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Project Update: K.W.Murphy Engineering Works aka Flour Mill by Laser Art

I have big plans for long Thanksgiving weekend. One of them is to finish this project. I am quite close. Another 2 or 3 hours and I am done. I am shooting for FSMsque look. One component to achieve that is to use several different roofing materials. I used tarpaper that was included in the kit. It is too thick but when I used it on Marilyn's I got nice cracking effect. I am hoping to achieve it here as well. Also I used some leftover Campbell shingles from Houligan's Alley kit on part of the roof. Little loading add-on is covered with corrugated metal like paper I bought at Michael's. It looks a little shallower than Campbell like but for the price I paid it may be an excellent alternative. This paper has flat bottom so it is good in places where it isn't visible. Most of the time it is the case anyway.
When building loading add-on I realized that I had made one of the "painted" signs too big and placed too low. I could have soaked it with water and pealed away. That would have produced nice ghost sign but that isn't what I am after. I will cover area with mounted on plywood and framed sign instead.

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