Friday, September 27, 2013

Project Update: Texaco Gas Station by Micro-scale Models

I fell asleep yesterday trying to come up with starting line for my post. It is attempt number two. I hope it won't suffer same fate.
I don't have much to mention. It is pretty much same routine. Clean up the castings, prime, paint, some work on the structure itself but nothing new or exciting besides perhaps Campbel shingles. I used them for the first time. On my Houligan's Alley project I used real cedar instead. I should have read George Sellios' instructions anyway though. Campbel shingles come with some glue that it is activated by applying water. It isn't very strong so George recommends using white glue instead. No wonder I had to re-apply water quite often and press shingles back in place. And then after I brushed shingles with A&I they popped up in some places. I thought I was going to have to use white glue but pressing them down was enough.
Further construction depends on few castings so it may be a week before I get back to work on the structure itself. Meanwhile I will be painting castings and maybe working on a secret project if time permits.

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