Thursday, September 12, 2013

Project Update: Texaco Gas Station by Micro-scale Models

I received the Texaco Gas Station to build in the late spring. I had quick start but then other projects and real life pushed it to the side. I am getting back and intend to work on it until it is finished.
This is yet another kit that contains L shaped dimensional lumber for corner posts. My first reaction was to adjust wall sections for square 5/64 stripwood. Then after fit test I've decided to use L shaped stripwood that came with the kit. It looks like Texaco Gas Station has been produced after McGee's and some improvements have been made one of which is proper dimensions of corner post material.
Not everything has been smooth so far though. The kit comes with a sheet of dry transfers. At first I thought it was going to be a piece of cake to apply them. However, backing is quite thick and making it to "hug" clapboards is nearly impossible. My several attempts resulted in torn up, peeling dry transfer film. In addition, I believe such structure would have had one or two painted signs and the rest would have been hang on type. Therefore, I gave up on dry transfer after installing just few, recreated one of "painted" signs that I destroyed in the process but still wanted and glued it on using my standard technique. The rest of the signs will have  some thickness to them so they look like they are made of tin. I intend as well to cover up some of the signs I have already made using dry transfers since I don't like the way they have turned out.
I have a little bit more work cut out for me than just building the kit. Along with the kit I also received white metal casting set for service stations by Scale Structures. The set includes a number of details and some of them are quite unique. So far I have opened and cleaned up only one of the packages. The parts are nice but have quite a bit flashing which takes time to remove. That makes me appreciate quality of FSM white   castings for sure. Cleaning them up isn't what I like doing.

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