Thursday, August 29, 2013

Project Update: Houligan's Alley by FSM

With Slim's out of the way I am attempting to finish Houligan's. I had to redo the diorama base. I made first one out of 3/4" insulation foam. I have no room to store foam sheets laying flat so I keep them sideways. Unfortunately they sag this way. I cut a piece thinking that if I put something under it the middle and weights on each end then it would straighten up. At first it looked so. I applied sculptamold left for three week vacation. When I got back my diorama base was U form again so I had to dispose of it. I made another out of two sheets of 1/2" insulation foam. They were U shaped as well but I glued them together with their pointing ends towards each other so they compensate. From that point standard stuff at least for me i.e. sculptamold, dirt, etc. This is where I am at as of last night.


  1. I was not aware the foam insulation would sag and bend.

    I've been using Gatorfoam for diorama bases and it works great. I get it from It does not bend even when wet and takes paint real well.


    1. Thanks for the web site info. I may give them a try. My only complaint is that they don't take PayPal. I guess some people just don't want to cross the line into 21st century.
      On another note, I found 1 inch thick 2 feet by 2 feet pink foam panels at local Home Depot few days ago. It looks like they are made of harder foam than 1/2 thick stuff. But maybe it just appears that way.