Friday, August 30, 2013

Project Update: Finescale Miniatures JS-13 Elijah Roth & Sons

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to pour Envirotex. So I did. First I tested it on scrap piece of foam to make sure it still cures. It did so poured the stream as well. I used grill lighter to get rid of bubbles while testing but I found out later that the best way to do it is to blow through the straw. There is no danger to burn something and bubbles come up and burst even faster.
The other lesson I have learned is not to put down greenery before pouring Envirotex. It likes creeping up. If I only had dirt banks then I would simply sand them a little, apply glue and some more dirt on top. Now I will have to carve off some tufts and scenery foam before. After I fix the stream banks I will add some  ripples using gloss medium and make little waterfall that turns the water wheel and I should be done with this part of diorama.

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