Friday, October 2, 2015

Building Trawler by Maritime Art Pt.2

Exactly one week ago FOS Scale Models introduced their fall limited edition kit Printers Row. I am surprised that the kit is still available as of right now. I believe last year's kit sold out in 5 days. To me the Printers Row is as good if not better than the Red Hook Wharf. I am not sure if over all drop of interest in craftsman kits has something to do with it or perhaps "investors" got disappointed by eBay sales of the Execution Rock and the Oyster Hill. You can still expect to make some $50 selling
these two kits but that is far lower number than if you happened to have the Red Hook Wharf for sale. It sells for about a double of what the list price was. Another possible cause may be release of the Red Light District some 6 months ago. Not everyone's wallet can handle two kits of such caliber per year. In any case let's hope everything goes well and the Printers Row gets sold out in the next one or two weeks.
The pictures of the Trawler I am about to post are some 3+ months old. However up until last week the kit was in exactly the same state so the information isn't that outdated. Since then I have pushed it to the top of my priority list and I have actually some work done. The boat is shaping up...

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