Thursday, April 2, 2015

Building The Waterfront by Bulders in Scale Pt.6

The time is flying, pictures are accumulating and I am falling behind... I have one excuse and a good one.
This past weekend I attended Finescale Model Railroad EXPO 2015 in Scranton, PA. I had couple of very busy days. My goal was to see as many clinics as I could. It was a mistake. Primary goal should be to talk to as many fellow modelers and manufacturers as you possibly can. I went to a number of clinics, got very tired, and lost some interest somewhat. I ended up skipping one clinic on Friday and one on Saturday because of that. Also it is no secret that the EXPO is built around structure aspect of the hobby. How many new things get invented, discovered related to structure building every year? I would say not so many. Then how many don't get posted on the web? Even less. Therefore if you are not living in a cave most likely you know about many inventions and discoveries already. If you are newbie then the clinics are good place to learn. Make sure you take notes because handouts usually are very compressed or none at all. As far as I know only Brett from Sierra West Scale Models has his clinic available online. So if you don't take notes you won't remember even 5% right after you leave and even much less after a week. As for myself, I picked one or two things I can use from each clinic. Some of them will make my live easier or more interesting and I could perfectly continue with my life without knowing the others. Anyway next time I will focus more on social aspect of the gathering.
What does this all have to do with The Waterfront? Absolutely nothing. I shipped it to its owner right before I left for Scranton. It has been delivered and all I have left are the pictures.

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