Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Building Skinner's Row by Fine Scale Miniatures Pt.4

That was fun. It has taken more time to do the scenery than I expected or wanted to spend, but it was fun still. My version of the diorama is a little different from the original. I don't have the track in the back. Although I might have, but I have chosen not to populate entire area with the weeds. Two of the structures are still receiving shipments at the back, but now they are being serviced by the trucks. Also, I have left some reminder of the track that used to run through in a form of few railroad ties. My diorama doesn't have any figures, since they weren't a part of the arrangement. I could have used few of them for the photo shoot as I did with the vehicles, but I didn't have any painted figures ready. Luckily, I had two weathered period vehicles though. Let's say it is an early Sunday morning and everyone is still asleep.

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