Friday, June 30, 2017

Building Currier & Sons by South River Modelworks Pt.2

The pictures I am going to share aren't new. I've had them for about two weeks. I tried to write it but every time I sit down to do it I start falling asleep. Is that a sign of an old age?
I didn't exactly follow the instructions building this kit. The instructions call for adding the vents as one of the last steps but I added them before even gluing the brick building to the base. The reason is that the vents are heavy and I have to ship this kit once built. Therefore, I want them to be very well secured. Had I done them last I would have had only a little bit of glue holding them. Now in addition to the glue on the joining surfaces, I have wire that is glued into the vents. Each wire has a piece of wood glued to the end of it and the wood is glued to the wall. I hope that is enough.
I have been working on this kit for quite some time and I am already eager to do something else. Good thing about large kits is though that they give greater sense of accomplishment when done but the road to get there is long...

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