Thursday, April 6, 2017

Building Cundy Cannery by Bar Mills Pt.1

It has been nearly a month since I finished the Graves kit. Have I been working on something since then? I have. I don't take breaks unless I travel. I mean extended breaks. After working on a model for few days I take a break but usually for no more that 3 evenings.
So... The next kit on the plate is Bar Mills Cundy Cannery. Actually, I started it while still working on the Graves. I needed to fill my lunch break modeling slot and the cannery was a good candidate. Majority of parts were wood or laserboard, no plaster and very little of resin. I was supposed to start working on another kit but it had plaster parts and because of that it was workplace incompatible. The cannery is coming together quite well and I may have finished it by now if not for the window vents and those few resin parts that had to be done at home. I switched to another kit for awhile with an intent to finish part of that kit before going back to the cannery but I then hit a road block and I had no other choice than to work the cannery again. It should be smooth sailing from now on.

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