Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Project Update: Tidewater Wharf by Builders in Scale

The eBay is such weird place. It is like some kind of wormhole where people senses and minds get distorted. Otherwise it is hard to find an explanation for the following. One of the sellers lists FSM Skinner's for $590 what I find to be outrageously expensive. Then he does a sale and drops price to $530. Still way too high but someone buys it. I could say that person wanted the kit really bad but at the same time there was another auction with buy now for $450. He could have bought this one instead and saved some greens. Go figure...
On another note, it seems Bar Mills folks are returning to their roots. After some wandering around for a few years they are back to what I like them for. If you don't know what I am talking about go and check out their Dunphy's and Curry's kits.
Since this post is the Tidewater project update I should say few words about it shouldn't I. Here it goes. The Sailmaker and restaurant combo is finished. I'll need to make some kind of pedestal for the boat repair shop. Its loading door drops below the base. Although I don't have a picture but the lighthouse is now sitting on rock base and waiting for its top to be finished. I am getting really close. I think I would be done by now if I had fewer distractions like the World Cup, vacation and honey do list. Go Netherlands!


  1. Nice work on the wharf.

    It is funny indeed how eBay causes FSM kit collectors to pay high $$$ when swapping kits with each other.


  2. eBay has lowest prices on Earth. Period. LOL.